The idea behind this was to let the user rearrange live video in a playful way. Originally my intention was to let the user select areas of a video window to copy and move them about the stage, but browsing trough Maeda@Media i discovered that Mr Maeda had already done exactly this. Maybe that's where the idea came from in the first place.
Nevertheless I modified my idea a bit, deciding to use a previously developed piece of code that would render an image as circles instead of square pixels and intending for the user to affect the composition by setting of small explosions with the mouse, moving the circles, but not their source-of-video positions. The more I worked on the mouse controls, the more something modeled after Scott Snibbes' wonderful Gravilux Applet seemed natural, giving the user a degree of control but still keeping things slightly unpredictable.

Download Windows Executable (Requires a webcam).