For All Seasons

A piece about memories, seasons and using the elements of the textual representation of the memory to create an interactive one.

This is the result of over a year of late nights and weekends and the desire to completely disregard implementation and my current skill level when thinking up the concept for a piece.
Naturally much of the time was spent scratching my head and had I done it again now I would probably finish it in a much shorter time, but this is also a reason why I wanted to do it, the next time I make something I might get that extra bit closer what is in my head.
You know what they say about aiming for stars and hitting treetops.

I've been fortunate enough to recieve the 2005 Grand Prix from the Tokyo Type Directors Club.
I could go on an on about it, they are an amazing group of people who showed me a fantastic time and gave me memories for life.

Run For All Seasons now (316 kb, requires a Windows PC).
View the Readme file.

Download both in a zip archive (155 kb).

Recently I've been working on a Mac version, it is still in alpha but is fully functional and stable on my machine (Mac mini with OSX 10.3).

For All Seasons OSX in zip archive (303 kb)
Have a look through the PC readme file.

Any support issues regarding the PC, OSX or (upcoming) iPhone version can be directed to .